When you feel that something messy is happening with your account, the immediate action you take is to change the password related to the account that you suspect to be hacked. It is possible that your friends or relatives or hackers have come to know the password of your email accounts or bank accounts. Either way it is not safe to have the same password for years together. So, it is wise that you change the passwords every now and then. When personal information protection is so vital, how about the business data that decides the future of the business and the future of the staff working for the growth of the business.

Hence, it is very much important that you leverage the simple but most effective features that are enabled through the smart code that is provided with the CloudBrowser automation APIs. These APIs have the smart way to work with the requests that come to them. Since there is a chance that people would often try to access the information with the old keys though they have initiated the key change process for accessing the APIs. For such people the Key hot swap feature would be an added advantage as the old and new Keys both would work for a duration of 15 minutes by when the users would be able to remember the fact that the key is changed.

However, there is one more chance that the users would have saved the pages containing the old keys or else would have even been accessing the pages for the first time. Either way, since the old and new keys would both work, one could experience transparency in terms of the key that is being used and thus would not notice any downtime of the screen rendering process. This enables the customers to view the information anytime round the clock until there is a major mishap in the whole application.

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